Photo of Magda Sedlik Nica standing in front of a "Be the Change, Butterfly Effect" painted mural by a street artist in Alexandria in the design of a butterfly

Magda Sedlik Nica

Joining the joy of abandon with color

Experience! “The origin of the word experience actually means “journey through danger”.

It means we are informed by our past in terms of the dangers we lived, and believe we must watch out for”

I use my acrylic paints to re-create the meaning of the word Experience, to turn it into a “journey through color”.

My process of painting attempts to join the joy of abandon with color, to create immersive, vibrant, magical pieces.

Through the eye of the artist

As an artist, I am motivated by the impulse of capturing the subtle beauty of the shades of colors.

I believe that Art has the power to evoke deep emotions, to heal unseen wounds, and to perpetuate empathy.

Colors, and more precisely shades of colors, contain healing codes that people can have access to when they immerse themselves into a painting.

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